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      Difference between fire-resistant EVA foam and fire-retardant CR foam


      Features of fireproof EVA foam:

      1: Environmental protection, non-toxic, no harm to human body, international ROHS certification.

      2: Strong fireproof function, durable and safe.

      3: Soft, elastic, easy to form

      4. Fire EVA foam manufacturer, black fire EVA foam, white fire EVA foam, up to UL94V0 standard, can provide fire protection (horizontal combustion test) report, stable quality, uniform thickness, good density, can process any specification.

      Fire resistant EVA foam-cr foam Description:

      1. Durable elastic CR foam, compression deformation resistant CR foam, fire retardant CR foam

      2. Product application: automotive sealing strip - EPDM foam open cell sponge - EPDM foam open cell CR foam, sealing strip foam wear-resistant foam EPDM high temperature resistant foam Dongguan CR foam, Shenzhen CR foam, Huizhou CR foam, Guangzhou CR foam, Xiamen CR foam, Jinan CR foam cr-4305 foam is suitable for electronic, electrical, shielding and other industries. CR sponge / foam foam sound insulation noise reduction sponge shaped stamping sponge anti-static sponge dust filtering sponge melamine peritoneum sponge packaging vibration proof sponge mechanical seal sponge electronic accessories sponge auto parts sponge rubber and plastic sponge products fire retardant foam EVA / PE sponge CR foam features: 1. Good waterproof and anti sliding performance;

      3. It has good weather resistance, wear resistance and long service life; 3. It has excellent elasticity and is very suitable to be used as buffer material or shockproof material. It has a wide range of application. 4. It has good flame retardancy, low thermal conductivity and passes UL94 certification. Because of its excellent flame retardancy, it can be used in the field with high fire protection requirements

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